Wu Flew Texas, Gets Wuhan Flu

After fleeing the state to break a quorum in an act of cowardice, three of the Texas Democrats have tested positive for COVID-19. One of these is the very pro-mask vocal, Gene Wu.

Two private jets to Washington D.C. to go and cry to Kamala and Biden. You will notice that, even though folks like you and me are required to mask-up on an aircraft, none of these “lawmakers” (I use that term loosely), including Wu were wearing their government-mandated muzzle. Rules for thee, not for me.

There were about 50 other individuals who fled the state of Texas to block voting. All members were vaccinated. Wu has been known for some pretty insufferable Tweets over the past few days.

Wu states on his Twitter account, (calling the ones who called him out for being massless “dipsh*ts”), that he flew on a separate United flight and wore his mask in the airport and on the aircraft. So big of him, we know. But, then there was this:

Yet, months ago, Wu criticized Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to lift the statewide mask mandate in Texas:

The mask mandate costs the public next to nothing. Scientists and doctors have praised the efficacy of masking up. So why get rid of something that has little to no cost and is very effective? Politics.”-Gene Wu

So, let’s get this straight, Mr. Wu, by using the Democrat logic (or lack thereof) that we have been trying to follow for over a year, If YOU were masked up on a plane but YOU, as a fully-vaccinated citizen, still tested positive for COVID-19, how effective is masking up? Muzzles in schools, on airplanes, in grocery stores, out for a morning walk by yourself, at the gym, at church, at the gun range because we love our guns and Gene Wu thinks he’s cheeky mentioning this as a venue. Smug SOB.

Do you mean BREATHE, Gene? But the Democrats ARE the party of science and the intellectually superior of the two parties, right? Right. Here’s a tip, Mr. Wu. Before you attempt to insult the intelligence of those across the aisle, learn how to spell, jackass.

Spit particles are not tiny. Spit particles contain the (shudder) virus. But spit particles among a like-minded group of snakes on a (private) plane are not dangerous and won’t give you a case of the Wuhan flu, Wu?

Texas Democrats are stalling property tax relief, funding for retired teachers, and bail reform. They have no game plan and their constituents are beginning to notice.”-Tweet from Texas Governor, Greg Abbott

But, according to this, their fleeing the state is an act of nobility. These Texas Democrats sent a message. I guess they told the Republicans what was what, right? By hopping on chartered jets in a “noble” dereliction of duty to the residents of the great state of Texas? How much do they get paid and who pays their bills? Damn right they should get back to work and do their jobs.

After they get off of quarantine, that is. But Wu drones on. The man cannot stop Tweeting. This, after those commenting on his Tweets called him and his colleagues out on their sheer hypocrisy. Rules for thee, not for me.

According to Townhall, a statement from Saturday evening indicated that Vice President Harris and staffers will not be quarantining as they “were not in close contact” and are “fully vaccinated.” No rules for Cackling Kamala, who, apparently, is better than royalty-ask Kate Middleton.

And still, Gene Wu continues to climb up the Twitter tree and show us his asinine:

I will say, ‘It wasn’t Trump or Biden, it was the MAGA Troopers. They demanded full masking, even though they’ve been loudly railing against that exact thing. Heroes. Every single one. Even the ones in federal prison.’”-Gene Wu

What we’re railing against is the lack of logical evidence surrounding COVID-19, right down to its origins, the efficacy of masking and vaccines. What we are railing against is the manipulation of information to tailor one narrative and to drive agendas of one party. What we’re railing against is an agenda and ideologies brought about by your party. What we’re railing against is the sheer hypocrisy of you and those like you, Gene Wu. Party jet time is over. Time to hop on that big, white bird, fly back to Texas and do your jobs. If you have time to Tweet like you do, you have time to do your duty. And this time, keep that muzzle on. It may not stop the spread of COVID but it may stop the spread of idiocy.

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