Trans-fad Targets Babies for $$$ and Attention

Whatever good has come out of the gay-rights movement since the 1970s, it is being squandered by the cultural juggernaut of activist Transgenderism. No clearer example is the rise of such activists in targeting minors online and in school. Now we have a business that markets knitted penises to parents who want to pimp out their own baby girls as trans-boys.

Of course the site and the knitter in charge of it are all about compassion and looking to being gender affirming. The latter is actually a code phrase for the cult belief that actual biological sex is a myth and subjective feelings trump objective reality. We can, and have, discussed before how damaging this tact is, especially for teens struggling with things like depression, anxiety, anorexia and other issues. They have been targets of the Trans-activists for some time.

But this targeting of very young children — or, more accurately — targeting parents of babies, toddlers and kindergartners to spend money on a penis prosthetic is no laughing matter.

Rational parents have known slightly longer than forever that babies discover themselves and the world by touch. We delight as they find their hands and fingers, grab their feet to put in their mouths. This is part of a baby learning how to integrate their body parts as part of their own identity.

And, by golly, babies find their genitals the same way!

toddlers start showing interest in their genitals, and may begin to touch themselves for pleasure, between birth and 18 months

So what exactly are parents doing when they stick a penis prosthetic on the crotch of their little toddler girl? Are they “affirming” that girl’s own body, just like when she discovered her fingers or her toes? Or are the parents starting years of signaling to their girl there is something wrong with her own genitalia?

Because withholding acceptance and praise from a child unless they pretend to be the opposite sex turns out so well.

Have these parents been so bamboozled by the cultural fad of celebrities raising their own children genderless or maybe this is just the new stage-mother act to designate one’s child as deserving special attention and praise above the boring normies?

Pay attention. There is no objective way to discern gender separate from sex.

When we wrote this satire piece about affirming identity regardless of the age of the child or identity claimed, it was based off this story of parents getting their 15 minutes of fame by claiming their two-year-old baby is transgender.

“We love him so much. We’re so proud of him and the choice that he’s made,” said Matt Stubbings, father of Stormy, a four-year-old biological female who told her parents she “felt like a boy” at the age of two.

The Stubbings are just the kind of Munchausen-by-proxy parents StichBug Studio is counting on.

Adults are free to LARP to their hearts content, even to making themselves into a simulacrum of the opposite sex. Their grasp or rejection of objective reality is no one’s business unless it hurts others. Children are another matter and must be protected from this predatory ideology. Babies shouldn’t be “packing” anything in their diapers than their own bodies.

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