Sucking The Blood Of Children – Joe Biden

Joe Biden was never a nice or smart man. He has also been a small, mean man with a fairly low IQ. It’s just easier to see with the dementia really taking hold. We saw it with his rambling, incoherent answers at the CNN Town Hall the other night. Little has been reported about a comment Joe made about “sucking the blood of children”. You read that right.

The night of the CNN Townhall, Biden got off Marine One at the White House. It was very late and most of the reporters had gone home. The Senior White House Correspondent for the Daily Caller, Shelby Talcott, had her microphone ready. She asked Joe Biden about Democrats who want to defund the police. Here is the
official readout from the White House:

THE PRESIDENT: We answered enough questions today. The only reason I’m stopping: I feel badly you’re here this hour of the night.

Q Mr. President, can you clarify what you said about no — that there’s no — no one in the Democratic Party is anti-police?

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t say that.

Q I know that you said you don’t want to defund the police —

THE PRESIDENT: I said that that — that is not the Democratic Party’s position.

Q Okay.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m the Democratic Party; I am President. So is the Speaker of the House and so is the –- the Majority Leader. We are not the defunding the police.

Q Okay. And are there people who — in the Democratic Party, who want to defund the police?

THE PRESIDENT: Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?

Yes, that is weird. Even for a deflection from Joe, it’s weird. The video makes it look even worse than it is:

Creepy, Dementia Joe. What a weird line: “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” How in any sane world would that be an answer to Democrats calls to defund the police? Sucking the blood out of children. Where did that even come from?

I don’t spend a lot of time reading anything about Qanon or most conspiracy theorists. Not worth my time. I do trust the British newspapers. I had completely forgotten that Biden used the same line about sucking the blood out of children at the Town Hall earlier. It was a convenient tape in his dementia addled brain. The Sun had the Qanon conspiracy theory:

QAnon is an unfounded conspiracy theory that claims Trump was waging a secret war on child-eating satanic pedophiles.

Dark sub-theories have spun off from these claims, some involving Satanic and pedophiles plots.

It first emerged on the messageboard website 4Chan in 2017, when a user called “Q” – who claimed to be an ex-government official with top security access – began sharing coded messages to the site.

The first post claimed that Hillary Clinton was soon to be arrested.

That’s Joe Biden. Not a nice man and not very smart. I could say that because of abortion, Democrats are sucking the life out of children. But I won’t do it. It’s not a nice thing to say. It’s true, though.

Joe won’t be speaking much in public on a go forward basis. That giant sucking sound you hear is Biden’s presidency.

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