Breed Doesn’t Like The Fun Police

San Francisco, California has been one of the most locked-down cities since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, does not like being called out by “the fun police” on her most recent hypocrisy, however. Just this past week, Breed was seen singing and dancing and having a grand ol’ time … Read more

Restaurants Remove Crab From Menus Due To Skyrocketing Prices

By Tyler Durden Restaurants have suffered throughout the virus pandemic, and the shortage of everything doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. We told readers in June about a worsening crabmeat shortage that sent prices soaring. Heading into September, crabmeat prices soared to record highs, forcing restaurants to…

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The Inevitable Failure of Socialism

Among the most important articles ever written in economics is Ludwig von Mises’s 1920 paper “Die Wirtschaftsrechnung im sozialistischen Gemeinwesen” – which is normally translated as “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth.” In this paper Mises argued that socialism will not only fail to achieve improved living standards for ordinary people, it will impoverish them. … Read more

Treason and Its Misprision

The U.S. Constitution defines only one criminal act, treason, and does so in such a way as to deliberately restrict its use against political opponents. While it is not easy to convict an American of treason, as recently as 2006 a grand jury indictment for treason came down on an American for participating in al-Qaeda … Read more

The Logic of Civic Irresponsibility and the War on Terror

Propaganda seems like an all too normal part of the relationship between a people and their government. Leaders sometimes need to distort reality to get followers to focus on the goals leaders hope to achieve. Of course, a governmental elite guiding a democratic people by irrational appeals, outright lies, and other distortions of reality seems … Read more

Australia Bans COVID-19 Treatment Ivermectin by Bureaucratic Decree

Why have the governments and the corporate media closed ranks on cheap, available and effective treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine? By now the answer should be clear: because the availability of cheap and effective early treatment therapeutics and at-home treatments effectively nullifies the basis for an emergency use authorisation of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. In … Read more

The Eurozone Is Going down the Same Stagnating Road as Japan

The European Central Bank announced a tapering of the repurchase program on September 9. One would imagine that this is a sensible idea given the recent rise in inflation in the eurozone to the highest level in a decade and the allegedly strong recovery of the economy. However, there is a big problem. The announcement is not … Read more

Freedom vs Force: The Individual vs the State

In almost every instance throughout history, the drive by elites to push ahead with growing centralised government has always ended in the collapse of societies and empires. It’s been said that big government is a parasite destined to destroy its host. Given time, this is conclusion inescapable. Yet, at every turn this very delusion held … Read more

In Defense of the Speculator

In the view of most economic illiterates, speculators do not bake bread; they do not supply medicines; they are AWOL when it comes to working on the shop floor; they don’t teach math or the cello. They are thus parasites on others who do supply such needed everyday goods and services. Here’s a real-life quote … Read more

FDA Rules Against Biden, Booster Shots Only For 65 And Older

Evidently the FDA isn’t interested in toeing the Biden Admin line 24/7. Yesterday the committee ruled that booster shots should only be administered to those 65 years of age and older. Expert advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously Friday to recommend that the agency authorize a booster shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus … Read more

Review: Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America

  Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in AmericaRichard K. VedderOakland, Calif.: Independent Institute, 2019, 400 + xiv pp. Timothy Terrell ( is T.B. Stackhouse Professor of Economics at Wofford College and a Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute. Higher education in the United States is facing a reckoning, and none too soon. Americans pay more … Read more

Covid-19: Fear, Anxiety and Voodoo Death

Ryan Matters Death counters, case counters, faulty tests to inflate death numbers, footage of patients on ventilators, apparent corpses on the streets in Wuhan, and highly transmissible “variants”. What do all these things have in common? They cause fear and anxiety. They are devices used to not only weave a narrative but to instill a belief …

Dissolving Identity to Destroy the West: the Leftist War on Identity, Nationality and Biology, by Tobias Langdon

Emma Raducanu, the female winner of the 2021 US Tennis Open, is half-Romanian and half-Chinese. She was born in Canada and raised in London. She’s definitely a fine athlete, a skilful tennis-player, and an attractive and charming young woman. But here’s something she definitely isn’t: British. And it’s precisely because she isn’t British that lots…Originally … Read more

Taxpayers Spend More To Prop Up Government Than They Do on Themselves

Issues & Insights September 18, 2021 One would think that in a nation founded on liberty that we’d be free to spend more on personal consumption than the government takes from us. But that’s not the case. Americans are paying more in taxes than they spend on themselves. Anyone who thinks this is healthy has … Read more

The Covid Era’s Politicization of Expertise Means We Now Have Medics Lecturing Us on Climate Change

Would you go to a geologist for a cancer diagnosis? Of course not. So why should we listen to 200 medical journal editors pontificating about the climate emergency? Their intervention in the debate is unwelcome and unnecessary. When 200 medical journal editors publish an apocalyptic and misleading joint editorial about the dangers of temperature rises, which the … Read more