Newsom To Remain Dictator of California

The news reports from the mainstream media were gleeful almost in talking about yesterday’s recall election in California. Declaring Gavin Newsom victorious over a recall was the news they were hoping for.

Oh, they were so giddy they couldn’t stand it:

Not necessarily the news some counties wanted to hear. Read: California’s Central Valley. Farming areas in the Central Valley were impacted by not only COVID restrictions but water restrictions and a “historic drought”. One that wasn’t Newsom’s fault, you see. It was “ten years in the making“, according to CNN.

No water? No jobs? Meh. No problem. The real problem here? COVID. Of course. Hey, Californians, you may be without water, jobs and money to eat and pay your rent but hell…you’ll be safe from the Coronavirus! Uh, maybe…

Ironically, some of the first votes tallied to not recall Newsom were from none other than Napa county. Go figure. The wine snobs will most likely throw a party for him (on the down-low, this time). They, most likely, will also not have to deal with silly little mask mandates for themselves or their kids in their private little “day schools”. Meanwhile, kids in the Central Valley will be crammed in like sardines on the bus and in classrooms of public schools.

Early result: ‘no’ at 72 percent in Napa County, the heavily Democratic wine country north of the Bay Area. Newsom won 65 percent of the vote in Napa in 2018, so this is a strong showing for him in the early going.”-Nate Cohn, The New York Times

I know, it seems so petty of me to zone in on the mask mandates, doesn’t it? Some pretentious jackass who drank way too much Gewürztraminer in celebration of Gavin last night is reading this and is probably calling me an illiterate, anti-vaxxer right about now. (Newsflash: I’m not either of these.)

But when someone like Newsom has $39 million in funds raised from the likes of teachers’ unions, abortion rights activists and George Soros, their fate is pretty much sealed. And we’re not even talking about big, Hollywood money that came his way.

Climbing murder rates and homelessness? Meh. No problem. The likes of Soros and the elites won’t see any of this in their neck of the woods. And, speaking of woods, fires burning, you ask? They won’t see those, either. “Oh, the climate,” they’ll shriek, as they shove their ugly frocks into their Louis Vuitton luggage and board their private jets to attend this week’s Met Gala…sans mask, of course. The masks are only for “the help”.

Oh, yay.

All men and women are created by…well, you know the thing.

Oh, no. Did I trigger someone on here from the woke mom’s playgroup of bi-gender, masculine of center, two-spirited kiddos by using just two pronouns? Go pour a glass of Chardonnay, figure out which outfits your kids will wear to school tomorrow that will completely confuse their teachers and be done with it already, you birthing person, you. I know. I need to simmer down. This recall election all came down to important issues like the homeless in the state, the crime and yes, the impending doom of copious hate bills that target trans kiddos.

Gavin Newsom gets to stay and all is happy the congested, smoggy cesspool of California. Bigotry is non-existent and hope and progress is possible because Californians did not vote for “Trump in Black Face“. Great job, Californians. You voted to keep the rich, white guy in office.

Those who voted “no” to the recall in surrounding counties put the hard-hit areas of the Central Valley in a chokehold. While these areas may be struggling to breathe, Newsom lives to govern another day and to go to more massless parties at The French Laundry on Californians’ dime while he tells them to stay the hell home this Christmas. Count it all joy.

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