Make It Stop: Biden Channels Ralph Wiggams

People, we are way, way beyond excusing FICUS Biden’s on-camera behavior as just gaffetastic. Creepy Joe’s behavior Friday at White House meeting with governors went from snort-worthy to gag-inducing in no time.

The photo is meme-worthy — another moment of fumbling around trying to figure out which side the note is written on. Just Good Ole Joe shufflin’ along. Yet, the next move is, well … disturbing?

The Republican National Committee (RNC) later posted video of the moment that followed, which appeared to show Biden wiping his chin with his fingers and then putting them into his mouth.



Joe’s behavior has always been on the bizarre end of the human buffet table stretching back at least to his college days and eager embrace of plagiarism. He never learned to stop. Joe and his handlers have tried to cultivate a persona of Everyday-Everyman Joe, but he can’t stop letting his inner bully freak flag from flying.

We know that *Dr* Jill isn’t yet tired of her Edith Wilson turn and Democrats are loathed to let round-heels Harris take the reins. Pravda media?

Yeah, pull my other leg.

This isn’t a three-year-old learning table manners or your spouse across the dinner table after eating ribs who misses a spot with the napkin. At what point will Resident Joe’s behavior became so obvious it cannot be ignored? Isn’t eating substances off one’s chin on camera enough?

Make It STOP.

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