Little League First Pitch by Ron DeSantis Triggers Libs

What shouts summer in America more than a Little League game? And who doesn’t love seeing mini-Joe DiMaggios or George Bretts coming up to bat?

Well, that might be liberals, especially if they hate the guy throwing out the first pitch at a game. And liberals despise FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, who threw out the first pitch at the Little League State Tournament in Palm Coast. They hate DeSantis with the heat of a thousand Florida suns.

Not only is DeSantis the Florida governor, but he also played Little League as a kid, and was captain of the Yale baseball team. He also used his baseball skills at the Congressional Baseball Game of 2017, when he was serving in the US House from Florida.

And he certainly had better form than President Mom Jeans when Obama threw out the first pitch at the 2009 MLB All-Star Game.

So yes, it was most fitting for this governor to throw out the first pitch at a Little League state tournament. And it was a great time to forget politics, right?

Not unless you’re barking liberals who can’t stand Ron DeSantis. So they used an innocent Little League game to slam the governor because Covid or something.

Oh, isn’t that clever. So perceptive. So astute.

There’s also Pandemic Report Guy, since no one should enjoy a Little League game because COVID, dammit! So did this numbers nerd present the hospitalization or death rates? The data that’s the most important? Nope.

Finally, to cap it all off, there’s Mr. Doom-and-Gloom who tweeted that Florida Man Leads His State to the Morgue, citing a year-old article from leftist rag New Republic.

If this doofus had bothered to check, he’d find that Florida’s Covid death rate is currently on par with . . . Kansas. It’s also far behind than that of New Jersey or New York with those, you know, Democrat governors. Like NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo who actually did let his residents die in nursing homes.

But throwing out the first pitch at a Little League game wasn’t the only thing DeSantis did that triggered the libs. He also insulted the pandemic’s holy man, St. Fauci of Lockdown, by releasing a line of merchandise emblazoned with battle cries of “Keep Florida Free!” and “Don’t Fauci My Florida.”

And there’s also this fan favorite — a drink koozie with a DeSantis quote: How the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on?

Don’t you love it? Take that, Covid Karens!

Naturally moonbat liberals got their knickers in a wad over the DeSantis merch. Like MSNBC’s Everything-is-Racist hysteric Joy Reid, who called DeSantis an “ignorant ghoul.” And CNN’s Ana Navarro, who called the items “grotesque.”

Finally, there’s Howard Dean. Remember him? This guy?

Little League/Howard dean

Dean called DeSantis “a well-educated crackpot with no allegiance to our country, his constituency or the truth.” Funny coming from a guy who tanked his only Presidential run by shrieking like a baboon.

But dig deeper and you’ll find that behind the criticism of Little League games and merch, that old Rush Limbaugh truism is undeniable: They tell you whom they fear. And Democrats fear Ron DeSantis.

Despite the Covid crisis, DeSantis refused to issue a state mask mandate. Then he reopened Florida’s economy when other states stayed locked down. Because of that, Florida’s economy is thriving. As DeSantis said, the state “followed freedom.”

“We’re going to end up probably having like $10 million in reserve once the new budget takes effect. That would not have been possible if we had followed Fauci. Instead, we followed freedom. And that’s the reason Florida is doing better.”

No wonder Democrats fear the possibility of a DeSantis run in 2024. And no wonder people are flocking to Florida — the state grew over 14% over the last decade, and shows no sign of stopping.

Not only that, but Ron DeSantis is unafraid to make tough decisions for his state, or to face a hostile media. He’s got that honey badger attitude.

So sit back, enjoy a beer without your mask, and watch lockdown liberals beclown themselves by politicizing Little League games. To paraphrase Dolly Parton from the film Steel Magnolias: They don’t know whether to scratch their watch or wind their butt. 

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis will carry on, unconcerned about the yappy Democrat dogs nipping at his heels.


Featured image: Henry Alva/flickr/cropped/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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