HIPAA? CO Public Health Targeting Unvaccinated People

Unvaccinated people in Colorado will start receiving calls, texts, and emails as of June 21st. What will those calls, emails, and texts consist of? Essentially the message is this: We know you didn’t get the Covid vaccine, so we are now going to pressure you into getting it.

“I’m excited that Coloradans will have a new opportunity to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines to help them make informed decisions about their health,” said Jill Hunsaker Ryan, executive director of CDPHE. “It’s normal to have questions about COVID-19 vaccines. These outgoing calls will provide Coloradans with accurate information and help them find a free vaccination appointment in their neighborhood if they choose to be protected from COVID-19.”

Yeah, she’s super thrilled alright. This is in the midst of the Colorado and national push to meet Grandpa Joe’s goal of 70% of the population getting vaccinated by July 4th. Why? So people can win lottery money paid out of our tax dollars.

Also, it’s so we can enjoy our FREEDOM on the 4th!

“Today, thanks to the President’s COVID-19 strategy, the virus is in retreat. … COVID-19 cases and deaths have decreased by more than 90 percent, and the economy is experiencing the strongest rebound in decades,” a White House fact sheet released Friday said. “The results are clear: America is starting to look like America again, and entering a summer of joy and freedom.”

Boy howdy, that makes me want to jump up and down for joy…NOT.

Folks, there are several issues with CO public health calling unvaccinated people and putting pressure on them. 

As the report in 9news points out, private health information has been provided to … CALL CENTERS. Oh, but wait, that’s ok because it’s the same call center that has been super helpful in providing answers to people’s questions about Covid (cue all the eye rolls here). 

CDPHE will also send texts and emails to people between 18 and 29 years old who may be overdue for their second vaccine shot, according to the release. Similar messages were previously sent to people over 30.

The texts will go out from the number 45778 on June 22 and 25, and emails from ColoradoDPHE@teletask.com will be sent on June 24 to people who may be more than 42 days past their first dose. CDPHE said the messages will include information on how to find a vaccine provider to schedule a second shot.

No, it isn’t ok that private health information regarding adults and minors has been provided to call centers and databases without their consent. It’s really really NOT OK. 

Secondly, there is no law in Colorado nor is there a law on the federal level that dictates we are supposed to get this vaccine.

Third, given all the mixed messages everyone has received over the last year and a half, it’s understandable that not everyone wants to get vaccinated. 

Fourth, there are people who’ve had Covid, such as Rand Paul, and are told that, because they have antibodies, they are good to go. So why the push for them to get vaccinated? 

Oh wait, I get it

“The vaccine is safe, effective, and they’re free. We want you to know we care because if you’re not safe and protected, we’re not safe and protected. Where you are, we will go,” said Becerra.

Did you catch that? Becerra essentially implied, while urging people in communities of color, that even if you’ve gotten the vaccine, you won’t be safe unless everyone else has gotten the vaccine. 

Way to go dude. Sowing more mistrust in the efficacy of the vaccines is a fabulous move. 

Which brings me back to what the Colorado Department of Public Health will be doing. Sending calls, emails, and texts to unvaccinated people to try and push them into getting vaccinated whether they want to or not.

As I pointed out above, who consented to this? What documents have any of us signed since March 2020 that allowed CO health department to gather that information and provide it to third parties? 

Have you signed any documents giving permission for CO department of public health to gather specific data on our health and covid vaccine status and give it to third party vendors?? I didn’t, my family didn’t, and a quick survey of a number of our CO friends shows they didn’t. 

CO Department of Health will use the public emergency as an excuse for their actions. They are wrong.

In my opinion, this mining of health databases in order to determine who has and who hasn’t gotten the Covid vaccine, providing it to third party vendors, and then having the unvaccinated receive calls pressuring them into getting vaccinated is skirting dangerously close to HIPAA violations. 

Did you or anyone you know in Colorado sign documents consenting to having your healthcare data searched in order to determine your whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated? No? Perhaps 9news should investigate the potential HIPAA violations here and also ask what, if anything, is being done to protect those data bases from being hacked.

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