Dr. Phil, Ball’s in Your Court — TV Doctors, Patriarchy, Microwave Hearing, and Wireless Concerns

By Patricia Burke

Let’s say that a television show wants to explore the covid epidemic.

But for a “representative” patient, the show features an individual who was a cocaine addict, who smokes, and who may or may not have some long-standing undiagnosed mental health issues, including paranoia and delusional thinking?

What does that patient represent?  That patient would represent the covid experience of a drug user and former cocaine addict who smokes, and who may have a long-standing undiagnosed mental health issue, including delusional thinking.  Many conclusions about the health impacts of an individual with this health profile would be unrelated to the issue of covid.  This patient would not be considered to be representative of the average covid patient, (even if he were to perish due to covid.)

The fact that the patient has other challenges does not negate the risks attributed to covid.

A Plea to Dr. Phil: My Ex-Husband Believes He’s Being Tortured Electromagnetically!!!!!

Dr. Phil’s website reads, “Be on the Show, TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?”

TV’s Dr. Phil recently hosted a show with the promotion, “My Ex-Husband Believes He’s Being Tortured Electromagnetically.”

The show’s description states,

Fay says for the past 13 years, her now ex-husband, Bryan, claims he’s been tortured daily by electromagnetic frequencies by the mysterious “Them.” She claims he spends his days combatting his “non-stop torment” by strategically placing magnets on his body and around his home, wearing plastic soda bottle rings on his fingers and toes, and ripping out all electronics! Bryan says he believes any electrical device, from a ceiling fan or car radio to his refrigerator, can be turned against him and used as a torture device. Are “They” really out to get Bryan? Or, as Fay believes, is he just suffering from paranoid delusions due to his past extensive drug use? Dr. Phil is joined by Dr. Sanam Hafeez and Dr. Lisa Nagy to examine just what exactly is happening to Bryan. You don’t want to miss it!

The video of the show, which aired on January 14, is available on YouTube:

[embedded content]

Microwave Hearing

But did you know, Dr. Phil and Dr. Sanam Hafeez, that microwave hearing has been recognized as an effect of exposure to microwave radiation, dating back as far as the 1960s?

To clarify, microwave hearing operates outside the range of human hearing. What patients are describing is the experience of something very different than a high-pitched sound; they are hearing “a thermoelastic wave of acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear.”

I can tell you, it hurts. And, it interferes with sleep, which is necessary to support immunity.

Here is what the science says:

Hearing of Microwave Pulses by Humans and Animals: Effects, Mechanism, and Thresholds  

James C Lin  1 , Zhangwei Wang

The hearing of microwave pulses is a unique exception to the airborne or bone-conducted sound energy normally encountered in human auditory perception. The hearing apparatus commonly responds to airborne or bone-conducted acoustic or sound pressure waves in the audible frequency range. But the hearing of microwave pulses involves electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz. Since electromagnetic waves (e.g., light) are seen but not heard, the report of auditory perception of microwave pulses was at once astonishing and intriguing. Moreover, it stood in sharp contrast to the responses associated with continuous-wave microwave radiation. Experimental and theoretical studies have shown that the microwave auditory phenomenon does not arise from an interaction of microwave pulses directly with the auditory nerves or neurons along the auditory neurophysiological pathways of the central nervous system. Instead, the microwave pulse, upon absorption by soft tissues in the head, launches a thermoelastic wave of acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear. There, it activates the cochlear receptors via the same process involved for normal hearing. Aside from tissue heating, microwave auditory effect is the most widely accepted biological effect of microwave radiation with a known mechanism of interaction: the thermoelastic theory. The phenomenon, mechanism, power requirement, pressure amplitude, and auditory thresholds of microwave hearing are discussed in this paper. A specific emphasis is placed on human exposures to wireless communication fields and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coils. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17495664/

It seems that the military decided a few years back that there may not be any adverse impacts of microwave hearing. But many individuals complain, for example, of not being able to sleep, or being awoken, by frequencies in the microwave range. Many people experience the experience of thermo-elastic pressure in the brain as….yes, torture.

History of Microwave Hearing, THE WORK OF ALLAN H. FREY

As described by the Cellular Phone Task Force,

In 1960, biologist Allan Frey, then 25, was working at General Electric’s Advanced Electronics Center at Cornell University when he was contacted by a technician whose job was to measure the signals emitted by radar stations. The technician claimed that he could “hear” radar.

Frey traveled to the facility where the man worked and stood at the edge of the radar beam. “And sure enough, I could hear it, too,” he said. “I could hear the radar going ‘zip, zip, zip’.” Frey went on to establish that the effect was real—microwave radiation from radar (and other source) could somehow be heard by human beings. The “hearing,” however, didn’t happen via normal sound waves perceived through the ear. It apparently occurred somewhere in the brain itself, as microwaves interacted with the brain’s cells, which generate tiny electrical fields. Frey proved also that many deaf people and animals could hear microwave radiation. This phenomenon came to be known as the Frey effect, or simply “microwave hearing.”

At that time the U.S. military, which was interested in greatly expanding its use of radar around populated areas, had substantial funding available to investigate the effects of such radiation on health. For the next two decades Frey, funded by the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Army, was the most active researcher on the bioeffects of microwave radiation in the country. Frey caused rats to become docile by exposing them to radiation at an average power level of only 50 microwatts per square centimeter. He altered specific behaviors of rats at 8 microwatts per square centimeter. He altered the heart rate of live frogs at 3 microwatts per square centimeter. At only 0.6 microwatts per square centimeter, he caused isolated frogs’ hearts to stop beating by timing the microwave pulses at a precise point during the heart’s rhythm. 0.6 microwatts per square centimeter is about 10,000 times less than the amount of radiation an active cell phone would expose a man’s heart to if he carried it in his shirt pocket.

In a study published in 1975 in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Frey reported that microwaves could induce “leakage” in the barrier between the circulatory system and the brain. Breaching the blood-brain barrier is a serious matter. It means that bacteria, viruses and toxins from the blood can enter the brain. It means the brain’s environment, which needs to be extremely stable for nerve cells to function properly, can be perturbed in other dangerous ways. Frey’s method was rather simple: He injected a fluorescent dye into the circulatory system of white rats, then swept the ¬microwave frequencies across their bodies. In a matter of minutes, the dye had leached into the confines of the rats’ brains. Dr. Leif Salford, whose work is also highlighted here, is currently the most active researcher continuing Frey’s pioneering work on the blood-brain barrier. www.cellphonetaskforce.org/the-work-of-allan-h-frey/

A Patriarchal Approach to Medicine: If We Don’t Understand It, It’s All In Her Head

For decades, the Western mainstream medical model was dominated by men, and biased towards men. Medications were routinely tested on military men because their hormones, hydration, and body chemistry were stable variables that did not shift due to menses.  But drugs were then prescribed to women whose hormones, hydration and body chemistry did shift, until it was recognized that the practice was unscientific as well as unsafe.

We also used to just test one drug at a time, not understanding cumulative, chronic, and juxtaposed effects, and vulnerable populations, including children and fetuses.

A favored strategy when dealing with a physical health challenge not understood within the dominant health model was to diagnose and attempt to treat it as an imaginary mental health issue, rather than a legitimate physical ailment, predominantly involving male doctors and female patients. [1]

Western medicine does many things well, for example, orthopedics. But the mainstream model remains ill equipped to address many chronic health conditions, including environmental illness, regardless of whether the physician is male or female.

“Google Alerts” for the term “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” routinely feature links to entertainment, rather than emerging science.  For example to the recent report published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine about the injuries suffered by diplomats in Cuba and China, gets less attention than the television show Better Call Saul.

According to the Federal Access Board, Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is considered an environmentally-induced illness, treated by the removal of sources of pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR), electric fields, magnetic fields and conducted emissions (dirty electricity).

What Happens vs What We Think About What is Happening

Dr. Phil, you were careful, on the show, to distinguish between the symptoms Brian was describing, and the conclusions he made about what was happening to him.

At about 27 minutes into the show, you imply that “there is a lot of literature with the general conclusions that the emissions are of such low intensity; and it has to be sufficient intensity and duration for it to have an effect.  Some believe that it’s legitimate and some don’t.”

But did you consider the question of industry vs. non-industry funding? It is hard to navigate, because mainstream media like The New York Times, which partners with Verizon, are not covering the story.  You can learn more about the way that the media is reporting in an excellent article by Barbara Koeppel writing for the Washington Spectator. Remember when tobacco ads dominated the print media?

At about 34 minutes into the show, Dr. Sanam Hafeez notes that people are reporting symptoms associated with wireless exposures.  She dismisses it as “more of a phenomenon, than an actual condition.” She notes the paranoia and delusional thinking, theory of mind, psychosis, fear of persecution, grandiose thoughts, loss of rational reliable contact, and psychiatric festering under the surface in Brian’s condition.

She notes – “many people have reported electronic hypersensitivity, the data is scant, even if that is true, I am certain if he were treated for psychosis and cognitive behavioral therapy…”

Three Excellent Resources for You, Robin, Dr. Hafeez, and Your Viewers

  1. The Society of Environmental Journalists just published an article by Katie Alvord: Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk? “When industry-funded research is excluded, larger proportions of studies show low-intensity RFR can cause harm.” There are a number of possible story lines about RFR noted in the article not being reported to the public.
  2. The landmark publication of Belpomme & Irigaray on March 11, 2020 “Electrohypersensitivity as a Newly Identified and Characterized Neurologic Pathological Disorder: How to Diagnose, Treat, and Prevent It” discusses the health challenge, and will help to clarify that Brian is an outlier in the patient population.


  1. “The EMF Medical Conference 2021, a virtual conference, will convene January 28-31, 2021 to review the latest exposure science. Leading physicians, clinicians, and scientists will conduct presentations on the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness, and experts in EMF assessment will present proven methods that can prevent or limit EMF exposure hazards. The four-day Virtual Conference has been designed to educate and train health practitioners and the general public, and will feature global experts including:  36 Speakers, 7 Interactive Q&A Sessions with Speakers. This conference has been approved for 16.5 hours of CME.” https://emfconference2021.com

TRAILER 90 FINAL VERSION from Tomorrow Media on Vimeo.

This on-line conference is open to the public. You and your audience can access independent, non-industry funded, emerging science and health guidance.

Correcting the Record?

You ask, TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?

I do, Dr. Phil.

If We Were Studying Covid the Way the Industry is Investigating Wireless Safety, We’d Be Taking the Temperature of a Plastic Dummy Filled with the Equivalent of Jell-O, and Claiming That it Represents Health Research and Safety Testing

That, in a word, is delusional.

I applaud you for including Dr. Lisa Nagy as an expert on Brian’s condition.

But if you, Robin, and Dr. Hafeez, whose expertise is not in the area of environmental illness, have insidiously moved the mark of society further towards prejudice, marginalization, dismissal, ridicule, and most importantly, discrimination towards a particular group of people who have already been thrown under the bus industry and its regulators, I hope that you will set the record straight.  You can surmise how uneven the playing field is by noting how many next-generation 5G advertisements air on the stations that host your show.

This week, JAMA noted,

It has been more than 2 decades since the Institute of Medicine (IOM; now the National Academy of Medicine [NAM]) published To Err Is Human in 2000, which concluded that up to an estimated 98 000 deaths each year may result from preventable medical errors. In 2020, as a host of articles appeared to celebrate the anniversary of the report, the COVID-19 pandemic cruelly illustrated the ways in which the US health system has still fallen far short of the goal of providing safe, high-quality care.

The wireless debate is not an accidental “medical error;”  it is a willful failure to address the science.

It’s taken decades for the long-term effects of environmental illness caused by chemical exposures, air pollution, water pollution, and ground pollution to receive recognition, in part because industry, seeking to avoid liability, controlled the narrative. If your show were airing in the 1960s it would be rife with cigarette ads, we’d be building schools with asbestos, and painting cribs with lead paint.

As Sally Fallon notes, “We’ve confused doing what’s legal with doing what’s right.”  With so many non-benefitting, non-consenting individuals being forcefully exposed to microwave radiofrequencies, including children, especially in their own homes, this is not entertainment.

It’s an issue of justice.

The ball’s in your court.

[1] https://www.ifhhro.org/news/patriarchal-attitudes-and-discrimination-of-women-in-health-care-facilities/

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

Originally Published on Natural Health News

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