America's Frontline Doctors Press Conference


Not one week seems to go past without another major attack of censorship being unleashed in an attempt to silence discussion and knowledge.

This time it is in relation to a conference held on capitol hill by a group of physicians who go by the name of “America’s Frontline Doctors”, the doctors held a two day summit to allow frontline doctors the ability to talk directly to the American people.

The controversial discussion which went viral and was later censored and removed from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter was discussing COVID-19 and hydroxychloroquine.

The entire mainstream media and the big tech social giants unanimously claim the content of this video and the information they state is false. While in reality, they actually are in no position to make such claims.

We know hydroxychloroquine works, hundreds if not thousands of doctors have shown this around the World, in a pre-Covid World the drug was considered safe and even studied for its use in upper respiratory infections, concluding that it offered potential benefits.

In the post-Covid world this Drug, which has been in use for 60 years without issue, is sold over the counter in many parts of the World and is prescribed casually for travelers to Africa for malaria infection is now dangerous and offers no benefit whatsoever.

There has been a clear campaign to halt any usage of the drug for treating Covid-19, despite the hundreds of extremely successful patient studies by Doctors from around the World.

This campaign against the drug has been so aggressive that a WHO-led study, funded by the Gates Foundation, quite literally killed people using excessively high dosages of the drug in an attempt to slam the benefits it can offer.