Dinner With Kamala, Cheese Puffs No Border Talk

On June 15, in the year of our Lord 2021, our brave and fearless Veep Kamala Harris invited the 24 female Senators to dinner at her home in the Naval Observatory. This glass-ceiling shattering icon made cheese puffs with her own hands to the delight and surprise of the 21 female Senators who attended. They were slack-jawed with awe that this female could handle so many heavy world duties and still find time to make cheese puffs. Cheese puffs. Kamala made cheese puffs. Stop the presses and bend your knee to her greatness.

I know that each of you read the dripping sarcasm in those words. Nothing screams First Wave Feminism like having the gals over for a bite. You know, no men. We gals are going to get together to talk about lipstick and recipes without our husbands. Gah!

Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband, was nowhere to be seen.

Speaking of recipes, the Navy stewards at the Observatory set up a pretty good feed for the chickfest:

The women dined on a summer garden salad with hearts of palm, avocado and grape tomatoes, and roasted mahi-mahi with ginger-cilantro basmati rice and grilled vegetables, Politico reported.

Warm strawberry-rhubarb croustades with vanilla ice cream was served for dessert.

But, Kamala made cheese puffs! With her own two hands! Don’t get me wrong. I lover me some cheese puffs. It was the slobbering love that got heaped on Kamala.

Harris, who’s known for her love of cooking, made the women cheese puffs as an appetizer, shared Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat.

You’ve come a long way, baby,

Kamala can have the Hamas Caucus over to dinner for all I care. What ruined my grits was a tweet I saw from the Senior Senator from Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn.

The Biden border crisis that Joe Depends put Kamala Harris in charge of solving. Marsha Blackburn sent that tweet about 12 hours after she left dinner with Kamala.

Last night on Fox News Channel, Marsha said:

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn described the dinner as a ‘lovely event’ and an ‘evening of relationship building,’ telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that it ‘wasn’t a policy discussion at all.’

‘But if she had brought up policies, I would’ve loved to have said, “Madame Vice President, you need to get to the border. You need to talk to the Border Patrol,”‘ Blackburn added.

Because of Kamala’s position, Marsha does owe her a modicum of respect. Period. How do you build a relationship with someone (Kamala) who thinks you are lower than dirt. Marsha has forgotten/forgiven Kamala’s treatment of Brett Kavanaugh:

Two years ago today, during his initial hearing, Harris tried to steal the show with a bizarre series of “gotcha” questions asking if he’d ever had a discussion about Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign with any employees of the law firm Kasowitz, Benson & Torres.

Kavanaugh appeared to have no idea what she was talking about, but he was astute to the Democrats’ tactic of setting perjury traps that would lead him into making inconsistent statements that could later be spun as lies.

Harris’ tactics would not have been permitted in a courtroom. As it turned out, both Kavanaugh and the law firm denied any such conversations, and Harris said nothing more on the subject. A San Francisco Chronicle headline reported: “Kamala Harris’ viral grilling of Kavanaugh ends with a thud.” But she had gotten what she was looking for — a “viral moment” for social media — even though she later would be mocked for pursuing such viral moments indiscriminately.

More to the point, Marsha has forgotten how spectacularly Kamala failed on her first trip to Guatemala and Mexico to discuss “route causes”. Deanna has the wrap-up here.

Governor Abbott of Texas is building his own border wall thanks to the failure of Kamala Harris. Tom Homan, former ICE director, called Kamala Harris’ lack of engagement “disgusting”:

Humans are being trafficked, the cartels own our border, babies are being dropped over the fence and illegal drugs are flooding the country.

It’s all good for Marsha Blackburn and the other useless female Senators sitting at that dinner. Those privileged and pampered females built relationships. The American people are suffering, The Senatorettes got cheese puffs made by Kamala.

This is a sign and symbol of the decline of the our Republic. These females beat their gums about human rights and doing the work for the American people. What a bunch of phonies.

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