Dear Ellie Kemper: Kick Woke Mob To The Curb

Ellie Kemper is an actress whose claim to fame is The Office and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is also a native of St. Louis and had the utter gall to be crowned queen at a debutante ball.

This particular ball and organization, The Veiled Prophet, has been in existence since 1878 when native Missourians by the name of Charles and Alonzo Slayback, started the organization. Quite frankly, the Veiled Prophet was modeled after several different stories and was also modeled after many similar debutante balls in New York, Chicago, and Europe. 

But Ellie Kemper has a problem according to the woke mob. Suddenly, her appearance at the ball and being crowned Veiled Prophet Queen in 1999 is RACIST!!! 

Why? Because the King of the Veiled Prophet Ball appears in an elaborate robe, headdress, and veil that are reminiscent of well… the Middle East and Aladdin. Yet suddenly, someone did a deep dive and thinks that this whole robe veil thing is the KKK!! 

Call out the pitchforks and knives. Ellie Kemper must be canceled. I mean, how DARE she come from a family of wealth. How DARE she participate in a debutante ball that might’ve had affiliations with the KKK, even though there’s zero conclusive evidence. How DARE she be crowned Veiled Prophet Queen YEARS after the VP Society decided to include Jews and Blacks?

Is the Veiled Prophet linked to the KKK? Even the LA Times had to admit that…it’s not the case. 

Meanwhile, we are supposed to be mad as hell that an actress, who checks all the woke boxes, has participated in something so vile. 

Kemper’s wealthy upbringing has never been a secret. She has wealthy parents (her dad was the chairman and chief executive of Commerce Bank) and went to Princeton. But what’s surprising in this case is how her participation in a racist pageant hadn’t been discussed until now. It’s not like it’s ever been hidden. St. Louis Post-Dispatch published about article on her crowning back in 2018 (that’s where the picture circulating on Twitter is from). Kemper was 19 years old when she was selected to be the Queen Of Love And Beauty. At that age, teenagers are mature enough to know what they’re being part of. She hasn’t released a statement yet, but here’s hoping she at least understands why people are upset over her participation in an event rooted in white supremacy.

First of all, she never made it a secret that she was crowned Veiled Prophet Queen in 1999. Secondly, no one…and I mean NO ONE had a problem with this until now. 

Why now? Because critical race theory has exploded across the land and white people are supposed to apologize for their genetics and tell the world that yes, their every word/deed/action is overtly and covertly racist. 

What do we see now? The Woke mob is now engaged in doing deep dives into white peoples lives and working to destroy them over …nothing. 

As Bethany Mandel writes, no on is safe from those who carry the pitchforks and knives because REASONS!

The question becomes, what’s the solution? How can anyone protect themselves from these mobs? Here’s my unsolicited advice for Ellie Kemper: Hit back, hard and fast. Defend yourself and do it loudly. Don’t preface your support of these mafia-like organizations when you do so; defend yourself on your own merits. Nobody else has your back, that is clear from the silence from her various co-stars and various social justice organizations she’s supported as her name has been a Twitter trending topic into the second day. In a sane world she’d notice the only people coming to her defense are actually conservative, those who have experienced this kind of swarming in the past and aren’t afraid of its sting:

Bethany is correct. No one is safe. Ellie Kemper has now found that out. But guess what, the woke mob will run and hide under their rocks as soon as they are called out. 

They aren’t doing this because of possible racism. They aren’t doing this because someone was negatively impacted by the Veiled Prophet Society or by Ellie Kemper herself. Nope, they are doing this because the media and Democrats are encouraging them to do so. 

Ellie Kemper participated in a long running venerable St. Louis tradition. She has nothing to apologize for and should punch back twice as hard. 

Feature Photo Credit: Ellie Kemper at the 38th People’s Choice Awards, via Wikimedia, cropped and modified

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