China Decides To Allow Three Children Per Family

In the middle of reaping what it has sown on multiple fronts, the Chinese Communist Party made a big announcement.

China needs more babies, so the CCP will now allow people to have THREE children!

Now, it has only been six years – exactly six years – since the one-child policy was repealed in China. Six years after 35 years of forced abortions, forced sterilizations, and abandoned babies in order to “comply” with the one-child policy, the CCP is confused why the peasantry isn’t attempting to breed like rabbits. Maybe if they, in their magnificent wisdom, increase the number to THREE, then everything will be better!

A ruling party meeting led by President Xi Jinping decided to introduce “measures to actively deal with the aging population,” the official Xinhua News Agency said. It said leaders agreed ”implementing the policy of one couple can have three children and supporting measures are conducive to improving China’s population structure.”

Leaders also agreed China needs to raise its retirement age to keep more people in the workforce and improve pension and health services for the elderly, Xinhua said.”

Restrictions that limited most couples to one child were eased in 2015 to allow two, but the total number of births fell further, suggesting rule changes on their own have little impact on the trend.”

Couples say they are put off by high costs of raising a child, disruption to their jobs and the need to look after elderly parents.”

The comments by parents on the street of Shanghai don’t sound particularly encouraging.

Oh, China. Thanks to the ruling Communist dictatorship, your goose may be well and truly cooked. Anyone else see the gross irony in China begging its citizens to have more children, while brutally enforcing a slow-motion genocide on the Uighur population?

Has anyone in the CCP wondered what happened to all the girls in China over the last few decades? Were they simply “not registered,” as some studies believe? Were they victims of sex-selective abortions, or abandonded in the streets and sent to orphanages? You expect communists to do any kind of introspection and say “wow, we sure screwed this up”?

And has China ever really admitted how many of their people have died as a result of COVID-19? This timing sure feels… interesting… as we are emerging from a global pandemic that started in Wuhan, and China has been close-lipped about just how much of their population has died. China claims via Worldometers that as of right now, they have only had 4,636 deaths from COVID-19. To put this in context, New York state is listed at 53,581 COVID-19 deaths. If you believe the CCP claims that they did such a fantastic job with containment, and only 4,636 people in China died from COVID, then please enjoy your heaping helping of bullshit. Meanwhile, the Chinese developed vaccines, Sinopharm and CoronaVac, don’t seem to be as nearly as effective as Pfizer and Moderna. Only Sinopharm as of right now has been approved for use by the WHO (CoronaVac is still in clinical trials). Here’s a theory – China is LYING. (I know, you’re shocked.) They lost a lot more people than they would like to admit to COVID, and now they need the unwashed masses to start having kids in order to bolster the population numbers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the parents of China are interested in more children.

However, the United States isn’t doing much better on the birth rate front.

Births declined across all age groups in 2020, except among women in their late 40s and girls in their early teens, groups that were tiny fractions of total births. The birthrate was down by 8 percent among teenagers, compared with 2019, and by 6 percent among women ages 20 to 24. The rate among women in their early 20s is down by 40 percent since 2007, the government said. Teenagers have had the sharpest decline, down by 63 percent since 2007, the data showed.”

That is a drastic change from several decades ago, when rates of unintended pregnancy were high, particularly among teenagers, and American women tended to have babies earlier and more frequently than women in much of Europe. Today the average age at first birth is 27, up substantially from 23 in 2010.”

The decline in total births is happening worldwide for a multitude of reasons. China just happens to be getting hit with it in different ways thanks to their brutal population enforcement history. And simply telling people that they now have permission to have a third child, is going to work just about as well as allowing them to have a second child did six years ago. You can’t undo 35 years of psychological and political oppression in six years, especially when the government can arbitrarily change their minds tomorrow.

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