Biden’s Tone Deaf Democracy Op-Ed

Tone deaf. That’s the best description for the op-ed Joe Biden, or someone in his office, wrote for The Washington Post last night. This op-ed is all about rallying the world’s democracies! Rallying them to do what exactly?

Supposedly his Europe trip is all about renewing America’s commitment to our allies, meeting new challenges, and deterring threats. 

Whether it is ending the covid-19 pandemic everywhere, meeting the demands of an accelerating climate crisis, or confronting the harmful activities of the governments of China and Russia, the United States must lead the world from a position of strength. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan and our domestic vaccination strategy, our economy is now growing faster than at any time in almost 40 years. We have created more jobs in the first four months of our administration than under any other president. Wages are increasing for American workers. And, as America’s economic recovery helps to propel the global economy, we will be stronger and more capable when we are flanked by nations that share our values and our vision for the future — by other democracies.

Ending the virus pandemic should’ve happened months ago. As we are now finding out Fauci the toad and several others have not only been front and center on hiding their involvement in gain-of-function research and funding into the Wuhan lab, but they’ve been responsible for the year’s worth of mixed messages on everything to do with response to what and how we should act. 

The Biden Administration is also just fine with China doing their best to make sure we don’t remember Tiananmen Square. Evidently the Biden Administration is ALSO fine with the Hong Kong government caving to China and shutting down the annual remembrance. 

Climate crisis? What climate crisis? This whole climate thing is just an excuse to develop more government regulation into our lives as well as raising housing and commercial property prices. 

Vaccinations?? Thank Operation Warp Speed for that. Vaccination reluctance? Thank the Biden Administration for that. 

Jobs?? WHAT JOBS? The Biden Administration along with various Democrat led states (and some idiotic Republican governors as well) keep handing people paychecks, so no one is going back to work. Summer tourist season is starting, and I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that many tourist communities desperately need workers in retail, restaurants, hotels, and more. But, as long as those supposed “freebie” paychecks keep showing up, jobs will remain unfulfilled. The ONLY places in the United States where the economies are doing better or at least ok, are the states that have opened up. 

And don’t get me started on the mandatory wage increases that show zero disregard for how a business actually operates. 

Biden, in his tone deaf op-ed, that was likely written by a White House staffer, goes on to claim that China will be cowed and there’s an alternative out there. 

The world’s major democracies will be offering a high-standard alternative to China for upgrading physical, digital and health infrastructure that is more resilient and supports global development.

What does that even mean?? Right now, China says JUMP! and the world asks how high? As for protecting our country against ransomware attacks? We’ve dealt with two in the last month. The Biden Administration has done nothing other than issue an Executive Order and blame the companies for what happened. Yet Biden claims in his op-ed that the United States and democracies will keep us safe from such attacks. 

Biden says that his foreign policy is robust and he’ll be very firm with Putin in regards to Russian aggression against Ukraine and their meddling in our election.

Will he also be firm regarding Russia’s involvement in the ransomware attacks? Depends on if he needs to call a lid for the day. 

Biden wants us to go back to the old normal where we rely upon foreign oil and foreign investment. Therefore leaving states such as Alaska high and dry. 

The Biden Administration foreign policy is SO robust that Biden wants to re-enter the Iran Deal while ignoring the fact that Iran is sending ships to Venezuela. In fact, the ships, that have fast-attack boats and weapons, have now passed the Cape of Good Hope. 

“The delivery of such weapons would be a provocative act and a threat to our partners in this hemisphere,” read a statement issued by the Pentagon on Wednesday night. “As such, we would reserve the right to take appropriate measures — in concert with our partners — to deter the delivery or transit of such weapons.”

Now I don’t know about you, but Iran sending ships to Venezuela is not good news. Furthermore, I wouldn’t convene the committee to deal with the issue…I’d drop kick those ships into oblivion. But instead, Biden will issue warnings and do nothing. 

Biden, and his tone deaf ghostwriters, would have us believe that he is looking out for this country on the foreign policy level. That we’ll be much better off and safer with Biden in charge. Biden’s foreign policy is that of appeasement. As history has shown, appeasement gets us nowhere and makes us less safe. 

Feature Photo Credit: Biden campaigning January 2020 by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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