Biden Targets Iranian-Backed Militias With Airstrikes

Wait, what is the narrative about Iran again? If we are trying to get back into the Iran deal, then why are there airstrikes happening?

Last evening, the news broke that the United States was conducting airstrikes against Iranian-backed militias. There were two targets in Iraq, and one in Syria.

This is actually the second time that the Biden administration has ordered airstrikes in the region. The first time was back in February, when American troops in Iraq had been attacked. According to the Wall Street Journal, Biden (or whoever made that decision, as I don’t believe it was Biden himself) chose an extremely restrained approach. It obviously didn’t send a clear message. Will this airstrike send a stronger one?

A U.S. official said the airstrikes were carried out by Air Force F-15s and F-16s using precision-guided munition. All three of the targets, two in Syria and one in Iraq, were hit, the official said.”

The airstrikes, more extensive than the one in February, came in response to at least five militia drone attacks directed at U.S. forces in Iraq since April, the U.S. official said.”

Particular concern was raised by a June 9 militia attack with explosive-laden drones on a complex known as the Baghdad Diplomatic Service Center, near the Baghdad airport. It took place while several U.S. contractors and other personnel were eating, suggesting to military officials that it was timed to produce casualties. The attack sparked a fire, and a number of American contractors and other personnel were treated for smoke inhalation, State Department officials said at the time.”

While taking out radical groups backed by Iran (thanks, Obama!) is always a good thing, the timing is interesting. Iran just “elected” a new president who doesn’t much like the United States (I know, huge surprise), the entire future of the Iran Deal now looks extremely problematic, despite what Biden kept repeating during the campaign.

Team Biden is still looking for ways to be nice to Iran, which begs the question: if this administration is trying to re-enter the Iran Deal, then why the airstrikes? After all, if any kind of Iran Deal goes through, it pretty much means that Biden – and by extension, the United States – is giving Iran the green light to become the superpower in the Middle East. If that happens, then you had damn well better expect that Iranian money is going to be flowing right into Iraq and Syria to those militias, with the hope of destabilizing the area enough to keep Israel off-balance and Iran at the top of the heap. Are we giving up on the Iran Deal, now that Raisi has been elected?

One Democrat senator would like some answers about these airstrikes.

Will Senator Murphy get any answers? Probably, and then Peter Doocy will be left to ask Jen Psaki about it, because even if Murphy hears something that he doesn’t like, he probably won’t say anything to the press about it. Biden is a Democrat, after all, which means his motives are completely pure and holy. We are to ignore the wailing and freaking out that occurred any time that President Trump ordered an airstrike on behalf of United States troops in Iraq or Syria, because the Bad Orange Man could never, EVER, do anything right, but Biden can never do anything wrong.

So while the Biden administration may have been completely in the right to order these airstrikes, we simply cannot trust that the media is going to dissect what happened and then follow up with the administration in order to get answers. After all, the media knows what their long game is, and that is to make Biden look like a competent world leader. If he orders an airstrike, therefore, it cannot be questioned.

Perhaps Biden was giving us all a heads-up when he mentioned a war with Iran just this last Friday. Maybe that wasn’t a verbal gaffe, but a warning of what is to come. Hmmm. If only the media bothered to cover what Biden actually says, instead of hiding video in order to make him look cognitively aware, then perhaps some intrepid reporter could have asked him about that comment. Oh well. I guess we’re just going to have to wait another few years for more than one reporter to actually do their jobs again.

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