Biden Leaves Hyde Amendment Out Of Budget

The Hyde Amendment, which bans federal money from being used for abortions, has been a part of federal budgets for years. Joe Biden himself voted for its inclusion many times. But now, it is completely missing from his Six TRILLION dollar budget proposal.

What is in the budget? 

With the deficit largely unchecked, Biden would use proposed tax hikes on businesses and high-earning people to power huge new social programs like universal prekindergarten, large subsidies for child care and guaranteed paid leave.


Biden’s spending proposals include numerous new programs to strengthen the “caring economy” with large programs aimed at child and elder care: $437 billion over 10 years to provide free preschool to all 3- and 4-year-olds and two years of free community college to all Americans. Also, $225 billion would subsidize child care to allow many to pay a maximum of 7% of their income for all children under age 5.

Great, this country can’t handle that debt load! Furthermore, I haven’t had a chance to review the full proposal, but I’m willing to bet that increased funding to mental health for our children is not happening. In fact, I’d say that whatever funding does go to mental health will ignore our kids, who’ve been hurt badly by these lockdowns. 

As I noted above, what is missing from the budget? The Hyde Amendment. In short, the Hyde Amendment prohibits federal money being used to fund abortions. You know what? I’m totally fine with that. But others aren’t and have been advocating for the Hyde Amendment to be dropped for years now. Several of the usual suspects are thrilled it isn’t included in the proposal. 

Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, called Biden’s move an “historic step in the fight for reproductive freedom.”

“For far too long, the Hyde Amendment has put the government in control of a personal health care decision for many people with low incomes,” she said.


The budget proposal “marks a historic step toward finally ending the coverage bans that have pushed abortion care out of reach and perpetuated inequality for decades,” Georgeanne Usova, senior legislative counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement.

Abortion CARE???!! There is NOTHING caring about abortion. It is completely and entirely about ending a life. Period. 

President Trump protected life and is a staunch defender of our unborn. The Democrats are…not. Joe Biden was a staunch supporter of the Hyde Amendment, until 2019. What changed then?

Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps it was because various Presidential primary opponents of his, including Lizzie Warren and useless cackling Kamala Harris advocated for its repeal. Suddenly Joe flipped and flopped on the Hyde Amendment. 

One would’ve presumed that, once he was in office, he’d quietly keep that as part of his budget. Yeah, no. That’s not the case. 

Evidently, after all this time, the Hyde Amendment was racist or something. 

No, the Hyde Amendment was never racist. What it has always been about is saving LIVES. In January two hundred Republicans signed a letter urging Biden to keep the Hyde Amendment (which has been in EVERY budget since the 1970’s) in place. Supposedly, according to Biden, the reasons for his flip flop on the Hyde Amendment is because there wasn’t full federal funding for reproductive services. 

Abortion means a child is killed. That is the very opposite of reproductive services. Reproductive is positive, abortion is a negative that horrifically ends the life of a baby. 

Yes it is. A grave and horrific injustice to those babies. Furthermore, Biden is supposedly a devout Catholic. Catholics are against abortion. Yet Biden takes the Hyde Amendment out of the budget? Notre Dame had better be thanking their lucky stars that Biden was essentially disinvited from giving the Commencement speech this year. 

Values? VALUES??!! Abortion is killing. For the Biden Administration to leave the Hyde Amendment out of the budget certainly does show where their values lie, and LIFE for babies is not one of those values. 

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