The 4th Annual Fake News Awards!

By The Corbett Report From the palatial living room studios of The Corbett Report it’s the 4th Annual Fake News Awards. The boldest lies. The stupidest propaganda. The ugliest presstitution. Join James as he debunks the lies and shames the liars behind the biggest fake news stories of 2020. Who will take the Dino for … Read more

The Nightingale Alternative

We used to learn in Sunday School that perfect love casteth out fear. It is equally true that perfect fear casteth out love: and since the advent of The Virus, it has been doing just that – remorselessly, callously, self-righteously.


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The Fed’s Money Supply Measures: The Good News—and the Really, Really Bad News

Last week the Fed announced that, retroactive to May 2020, its M1 money stock measure would include savings deposits, which were reclassified as transaction accounts similar to other deposit components of M1 such as demand deposits and other checkable deposits (i.e., NOW accounts and ATS accounts). Previously, savings deposits were considered to be nontransaction accounts … Read more

Kyrsten Sinema Is All Thumbs and Cake, Breaks Internet

Democrat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema managed to channel the late Senator John McCain and Queen Marie Antoinette in her vote against the $15.00 minimum wage in last night’s Senate vote-a-thon. She also patted Senate Minority Leader on the back. These actions combined to break the internet. You can call Kyrsten Sinema flaky or problematic, but … Read more

Doctors Abandoning Medical Ethics for Covid-19 Money

With good reason, a lot of people don’t want to be tested and forced to become part of the politicization of Covid-19. They recognize that the overwhelming body of scientific evidence, and worldwide science and infectious disease experts, have shown PCR tests to be indefensible for clinical or public health use. These tests do not … Read more

The Antibody Deception

Rosemary Frei, MSc The Antibody Deception from Rosemary Frei on Vimeo. The world has been fixated for months on novel-coronavirus PCR testing, contact tracing and vaccination. Meanwhile, another major part of the Covid biomedical complex has received far less attention: the use of antibodies for detecting, diagnosing and treating infection with the novel coronavirus. Hundreds …

Biden’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

Biden has an illegal immigration crisis on his hands. One of his own making. First, there’s his new policy on illegals and sanctuary cities. Illegals arrested, now face zero threat of arrest or deportation, until or unless they are found to be a national security threat or CONVICTED of an aggravated felony.  The review process … Read more

To Understand Economics, First Understand Private Property

In Man, Economy, and State, Murray Rothbard expounds the principles of economics by reconstructing an economy from the ground up. Following the practice of classical economists, he opens the book by imagining Robinson Crusoe alone on an island. After identifying the operative laws that apply even to isolated individuals, Rothbard’s second chapter considers Crusoe on … Read more

The V-Shaped Recovery Never Happened

In a display of unconvincing enthusiasm, NBC reported today that payroll employment “surged” in February. Specifically, total nonfarm payrolls (seasonally adjusted) grew 379,000, month-over-month which was above the expected increase of 210,000. That might sound great to some, but a closer look suggests jobs growth is quite a bit more sedate than the media narrative … Read more

How Did the Life Insurance Industry Survive the Pandemic?

Why don’t newspaper headlines blare warnings about the impending collapse of the global life insurance industry? Of the bankruptcy of US life insurers great and small? Why aren’t life insurers banging on the doors of Congress looking for trillion-dollar bailouts?  Because they are doing just fine for now.  Sure, financial market volatility injured the asset … Read more

Pastor Tells Women To Lose Weight, Look Less “Butch”

A pastor is supposed to Shepard the “flock”. A pastor is supposed to lead with Biblical principle. But what is happening on the pulpit these days has been a constant source of intrigue to me. In, after a huge round of applause of course, walks Missouri pastor, Stewart-Allen Clark of Missouri’s Malden First General Baptist … Read more

Ep. 1849 My Speakeasy Talk in California: COVID and the Two Americas This week I spoke in southern California to a group of people who capable of reading charts, and who are determined to be normal and live lives worthy of human beings. I laid out the roots of the division between COVID rationalists and COVID panickers. Enjoy. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show: Other … Read more