COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety

Doctors for Covid Ethics This paper was originally hosted on the Doctors for Covid Ethics Medium account, but the platform censored the expert group and removed the paper, claiming the post was “under investigation”: An archived version is still available here. * Abstract: COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers have been exempted from legal liability for vaccine-induced harm. …

Myanmar’s Conflict: America’s Proxy War with China

Brian Berletic 21st Century Wire . Introduction Just this week reports out of the Western media indicate armed combat between Myanmar’s military and the opposition – who, until just recently, we were told by Western governments were “peaceful” and “unarmed.”  Serious fighting has erupted in Myanmar’s northern city of Mandalay, the Southeast Asian state’s second … Read more

Cartel of Censorship: Vaccine Misinformation Mythology

The New Zealand medical authorities and mainstream media push their vaccine propaganda and continue to cry “misinformation” when serious concerns about the vaccine are raised. Some groups have declared the vaccine unfit for use in humans, but the authorities refuse to change their script. Dr. Sam Bailey exposes the real campaign of ‘medical misinformation’ which … Read more

Inflation, Asset and Consumer Prices

“The Fed finds itself between a rock and a hard place: either it keeps inflating or the whole confidence-based valuation of financial assets collapses. Either it raises interest rates or the dollar collapses.” There has been occasional speculation about what happens to asset values in a hyperinflationary collapse. The basis of the question has recently … Read more

Meatball Subs, Not Nuclear Subs Or How To Deliver 16,128 Hiroshimas

Groton and New London, Connecticut, are home to about 65,000 people, three colleges, the Coast Guard Academy, 15 nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed submarines capable of destroying the world many times over, and General Dynamics’ Electric Boat, a multi-billion-dollar private corporation that offers stock options to its shareholders and mega-salaries to its top executives as it pockets taxpayer … Read more

It Always Ends the Same Way: Crisis, Crash, Collapse

Risk has not been extinguished, it is expanding geometrically beneath the false stability of a monstrously manipulated market. One of the most under-appreciated investment insights is courtesy of Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” At this moment in history, the plan of most market participants is to place their full … Read more

The De Gaulle-Johnson Intervention To Break the Empire [Part One]

In this first installment of a four part series co-written with my friend and historian Raynald Rouleau, we will meet a network of alliances that formed in France and Quebec under the leadership of Quebec’s Premier Daniel Johnson Sr. and French President Charles DeGaulle from 1967-1968 who intended to create an international program for development … Read more

Freedom vs. The Machine; Geneticists and Their Weapons

Genetic determinism: the belief that an individual’s character, thoughts, and actions are the result of his genes. Freedom means: being free from, and outside of, ironclad cause and effect. Which side of the argument will win? Nothing is riding on this…except the future of the human race. For the past 150 years, genetics has been … Read more

Money Takes Precedence Over Public Health and Civil Liberty

By Paul Craig Roberts June 25, 2021 Largest American Health Care Union Tells fascist New York Presbyterian Hospital and fascist Houston Methodist Hospital to Go To Hell along with their Mandatory Covid vaccination policy. Why do hospitals with Christian protestant names behave like totalitarian regimes? Why do hospitals mandate vaccination when the evidence mounts … Read more

‘Rules-Based International Order’ Means Washington-Based International Order

Listen to a reading of this article: The US government has shut down multiple news media websites based in the Middle East, including Iran’s state-owned Press TV, and al-Masirah TV which is owned by the Houthi group Ansarullah in Yemen. The Department of Justice said on Tuesday it had seized 36 Iranian-linked websites, claiming without evidence that they were … Read more

CBS 62 Insider Goes Public Exposing Network’s Forced Vaccination Rhetoric and Bias

[embedded content] There’s hope that not everyone who works for the Mainstream Media is a full-blown psychopath, despite the monumental torrent of weaponized lies and evil that they have wreaked upon the world in recent years. Project Veritas has seen two brave young women come forward in the past week, Ivory Hecker from Houston’s FoxNews affiliate station … Read more

The Spike Protein Is the Killer – Beware of mRNA ‘Vaccines’

Beware of the Spike Protein! Beware of mRNA injections! To do so, you have to absolutely avoid taking or being coerced into accepting the mRNA “non-vaccine” – experimental gene therapy. Because that’s what it is. The experiment is you. Already in SARS-1 of 2002 / 2003, the original, affecting principally the Chinese genome, as did … Read more

Oblique Admission: The Current Vaccines Will Not Protect Against Covid-19

Earlier this year we warned that the vaccines being advertised as the solution to the Covid pandemic were not going to achieve their intended objective. More specifically, we cautioned that these pharmaceuticals were not going to offer adequate protection against Covid-19. This is what we wrote in this space in February: “Here is the truth: … Read more

The Return of ‘Law and Order’, by Pat Buchanan

On Tuesday, Brooklyn Borough President and former police captain Eric Adams took the lead in the New York mayoral race with 32% of the Democratic primary vote, 10 points more than progressive Maya Wiley, who had the endorsement of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. How did Adams beat the elite? Said The New York Times: Adams built…Originally … Read more

Creepy Joe Whispers Sweet Nothings

After a very dazed and confused speech regarding blood of patriots and nuclear weapons last night, Joe Biden is affirming the “Creepy Joe” Biden name after whispering repeatedly at a press conference earlier today. Be vewwwwy, vewwwwy quiet, Joe. Vladimir Putin is listening. Clearly, his handlers need to write something in larger fonts. Times New … Read more

The Feds Collect Most of the Taxes in America—So They Have Most of the Power

In 2021, it’s clear Americans now have thrown off any notions of subsidiarity and instead embraced the idea that the federal government should be called upon to fund pretty much anything and everything. From “stimulus checks” to “paycheck protection,” it’s assumed an entire national workforce can be propped up by federal spending. Moreover, in the wake … Read more