Mask Mandates at Work May be an Opportunity

A reader writes: I have read your article on never wearing masks. I don’t believe they protect for viruses and that they are actually harmful. I try to support businesses that do not require them. I usually just walk in and no one says anything. I try to share info with others. My husband does … Read more

The Final Push to Restore Freedom

Have you noticed that the good guys are on the verge of winning the great struggle, certainly intellectually but also politically and culturally? It’s become nearly impossible for the lockdowners even to muster salience. Their statements on TV and writings in newspapers have become sheepish, hedged, pointlessly verbose and insulting – all signs of weakness … Read more

The Brutal Attack on Scientific Dissent

The Covid-19 pandemic has been catastrophic and devastating for those who have succumbed to it. The important issue for us societally and globally is that the risk group is defined and we know much better in March 2021 how to target and manage a response. March 2021 is not February 2020.  Moreover, the benefits of … Read more

Harry and Meghan Can’t Hold a Candle to Prince Philip

He showed the self-obsessed duo what a life of public service really looks like. By Julie Burchill Spiked April 13, 2021 I’ve never been much of a monarchist. I’m so old that I remember the days when they used to play the national anthem in cinemas after the credits, and one of my earliest memories … Read more

Epidemics Are Staged on Television

When a new epidemic is launched and promoted, despite the lack of good science and good evidence, it is jacked up on television screens. Images begin to flow: An emergency medical vehicle on a street. EMT personnel, in hazmat suits, load a man strapped down to a stretcher, into the van. On another street, a … Read more

Socialism: a Youthful Passion, a National Problem

It is one of modern history’s more famous quotes: “If a man is not a socialist at 20, he has no heart. If he remains one at age 40, he has no head.” These words (and variations thereof) have been attributed to everyone from Disraeli to Clemenceau to Churchill. Whatever the true source, they convey … Read more

Blinken’s Winking and Nodding to the Neocons

Biden’s Western Hemisphere foreign policy is not much different from that of Obama’s, Wayne Madsen writes. Like proverbial bad pennies, the neocon imperialists who plagued the Barack Obama administration have turned up in force in Joe Biden’s State Department. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has given more than winks and nods to the dastardly duo … Read more

A Hundred Days of Joe

America’s first animatronic president outside of Disney World routinely does a disappearing act every weekend. Where does he go? Does his management team plug him into a recharging station? Does he rest on a catafalque in some sub-basement of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like one of the fabled undead from the Hollywood crypt classics?  Or do … Read more

Facing The Facts of War With Russia

Conflict with Russia may be inevitable. Kiev’s strident threats to resolve the crisis in Eastern Ukraine with force of arms, combined with Washington’s refusal to acknowledge that Moscow actually has legitimate national security interests in Eastern Ukraine, makes it so. Equally troubling, the president sees no particular reason why he should explain to the American people why Washington’s readiness … Read more

One Way You Don’t Want To ‘Grow Up’

“By the age of 40 nearly every American has learned to conform,” said my favorite Greek philosopher to me once. Look around your life and you see how true it is. Also, by the age of 40, life is solidified for many. The standards you hold at the age of 40 are the standards you … Read more

The Magic of Israel, by Philip Giraldi

The popular narrative of plucky little Israel prevailing over hordes of bloodthirsty Arabs has captured the Western imagination even though it is manifestly false in almost every detail. But Israel’s greatest accomplishment might well be something else, it’s ability to make things disappear. It plausibly all began in June 1967 when Israel attacked the USS…Originally … Read more

Putin & XI Have Red Lines, Too, by Pat Buchanan

What are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping up to? In recent days, Russian tanks, artillery, armor, trucks and troops have been moving by road and rail ever closer to Ukraine, and Moscow is said to be repositioning its 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade in Crimea. Military sources in Kyiv estimate there are now 85,000 Russian…Originally … Read more

Ep. 1874 Eric July on Liberty, P.C. Comics, and the Fate of Live Music The multitalented Eric July, who's a successful musician and libertarian content creator, joins us for a potpourri episode on SJWs in the comic book world (including a recent matter involving Jordan Peterson), music in COVID times, and how he built a lifestyle where work seems like leisure. Sponsor: BetterHelp Show notes for Ep. 1874 … Read more

Military Unveils Next Stage of COVID Vaccines on 60 Minutes: Implantable Microchips

Video: DARPA Is Working On COVID Vaccine, Implantable Microchip To Detect Virus by Steve Watson Summit News The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a COVID vaccine that will work on all variants and has developed an implantable microchip that it says will continuously monitor the human body for signs of the … Read more

CDC Tells Whitmer Lockdown Is Better Than Vaccines

The CDC told Gretchen Whitmer no when she requested a vaccine surge. Instead, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky says the state needs to go into another lockdown. Yes, you read the above correctly.  “The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contradicted the Whitmer administration Monday, saying the answer to Michigan’s “acute situation” with COVID-19 is … Read more

COVID-19 Dress Rehearsals and Proof of the Plan

In the featured video, German attorney and cofounder of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee1,2,3 Dr. Reiner Fuellmich,4 interviews holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, a human rights advocate and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP). In light of the rise of medical fascism guised as pandemic response, Sharav’s warning to the world is … Read more